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Improving your welding efficiency

Take any construction or fabrication industry and you will find Welding is at the center of all. Efficient and accurate Welding is of utmost importance to the success of project. Plant manager or project manager need to keep track of availability of equipment and allocation of equipment to the vendor companies. They also wish to track the utilization of the equipment supplied by the company to vendors. Utilization of machine is an indicator of the performance and completion.

Retrofitting Weldometer on existing Welding Machines, Plant Managers are now able to monitor utilization of Welding machine thereby understanding and over coming bottlenecks in project.

Measuring the arc current, Weldometer indicates quality of welding and equipment utilization. By providing GPS co-ordinates Project manager can quickly locate Welding machine in large plants. Monitoring Temperature of Welding machine, gives an indication of possible failure that reduces future down time.

Weldometer Features

Current Sensor

Measure input current, arc current to understand utilization, uptime and down time of machine.

Temperature Sensor

Monitor Welding machine temperature to safeguard from possible trip or malfunction.

GPS Sensor

Inbuilt tracking. Track your device position in large plant or area. Quickly find location of device.

SD Card Storage

Store data upto 1 GB even when not connected to network. Reduced possibility of data loss.

MediaTek M4 Processor

Strong MediaTek M4 processor inside. Provides reliability, security, and processing power.

Communication over LoRa and WiFi

Communicate over WiFi and LoRa to give a best data connectivity for short distance as well as long distance.

IP67 casing

Strong IP67 casing that protects device from dust and water. Rugged for industrial use.

Long lasting battery

Comes with 4000 mH internal battery that keeps device running even when Welding machine is switched off.

Time utilization

Gives a understanding of power utilization, time of utilization, on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Welding Machine IoT Device

Welding Machine IoT Device by EasyReach provides Current Sensor, Temperature Sensor, GPS sensor in built. 4000mH rechargeable battery inside allows it run even when the machine is not connected to power source. Industry grade power protection makes sure that device is safe guarded during current surge.

Communication over LoRa and WiFi with the Gateway ensures reliable data transmission. 1 GB storage inside Weldometer, ensures that data is stored even when connectivity is not in place. IP 67 Casing provides appropriate industry grade protection from dust and water.

The device monitors arc time, idle time and utilization time during welding process. It also monitors health of the machine by constantly checking the temperature of welding machine. The GPS inside allows Manager of large manufacturing plants to quickly locate their assets and also provides prevention from possible theft.

IoT Welding Machine

Welding Machine Industries


Efficient Welding is important to the success of any construction project.  Used primarily for erecting large structures but also comes handy for repair and maintenance. Leveraging IoT for Welding machine in Construction industry can deliver projects on time.

Power plant

Power plant requires to build large structures like Boilers, Generators. Welding becomes the core part of the work. Fitting Weldometer on Welding machine provides power to Plant and Machinery team to manage their resources effectively.


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